Pups & Pride Lounge

The kinky social for gay BDSM people and pups one night before the pride. This time featuring a meat & puppy market. men- & GMINTA-only. ü18.

Think puppys, gay BDSM, sex, cuddles, bondage, rubber and more. Let's make a place to meet and play together with likeminded people from all over the world to enjoy the pride together. You can do a lot of stuff from puppy to kinky to BDSM. All is welcome. Chill and play, chat and f*ck.

Intereseted in some "matchmaking" or your wanna live your fantasy of being sold as a slave or a puppy? Or you want the subs to bet for you as the great Dom you are? You have the chance to use this contact making game "Meat & puppy market" to get interest in you and present yourself to others. You can be "auctioned" and be "bought" by other participants to spend some time with them or become their "property" for the next hour. All consensual and all just as a roleplay for sure. More details after registration via eMail or onside at the event.

The event is kink- and sex-positive. Follow our Kink-Etiquette and behaviour rules.

Target group: all gay-BDSM people as well as all people feeling close. GMINTA = gay, male, inter, nonbinanry and asexuals. 

in 9 days
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